Meet the Team

Roberto Garrido Senior Mobile & Desktop Developer

I am a C++ programmer with experience on mobile devices, virtual and augmented reality, and video game programming. Main technologies used: OpenGL| ES, Windows Mobile, Android, Ogre3D, OpenScenegraph, VTK, ITK, Qt, and libraries such as VRPN, or wxWidgets.
Currently I’m working as freelance developer in a variety of projects, including videogames and mobile apps.
Specialties: , mobile programming, 3d programming, , augmented reality, video game programming.

Mobile programming
3d programming
Virtual reality
Augmented reality
Video game programming

Luis Miguel Agudo CO-Founder & CEO

More than 10 years of experience in GIS, especially in research projects with oceanographic data. In 2013 he made the ESRI GIS Master, where he discovered one of his great passions, GIS development, getting the award for the best master project. Since then he has worked as a GIS app developer for organizations such as the International Oceanographic Commission (UNESCO) and the Spanish Oceanographic Institute, in addition to combining it with his job as a freelance developer.
During these years...

Jon Garrido CEO, CO-Founder, Developer

For more than 15 years working with GIS technologies and 10 as a Developer.
Experience in ESRI software (from Arcview 3.1 and Avenue language), including ArcGis Desktop 10.1, ArcGis Server and many other GIS software such as Geomedia, GRASS, QuantumGis and gvSIG.
Proficiency   in databases like MS SqlServer, MySql, PosgreSQL+Postgis.
Manager of most of the lastest GIS technologies:  Mapserver, Geoserver and Openlayers, VB VBA, dotNet, C#, Silverlight, Python (Arcpy library) and JavaScript.

Roberto Herrero GIS Analyst

I´ve being working as a Technical Engineer and Project Manager Assistant in Tragsatec for
fifteen years, and the vast majority of projects I´ve being involved in are related with GIS. This
are some tasks assigned that best illustrates my capabilities:

Field survey project management.
Experience the development of quality procedures and quality control.
Development of applications with VBA, SQL and PYTHON.
Team leadership and capacity for teamwork.
Experience in the creation of GIS in the Framework of Agriculture and Environment.
Experience in analysis of the legislation, technical...

Raquel Rivera Designer

Watching the evolution of the teams I worked with has been very rewarding, how we adapted to sector changes, which have been quite a few, and the agency’s sometimes to grow sometimes not, but always willing to invent because “we can for sure do something with what we’ve got”.
Now I work at The Company Be, a design and interactive communication study focused on the users, because progress is to move forwards without leaving anyone behind, otherwise it’s just technology.