Jon Garrido CEO, CO-Founder, Developer

For more than 15 years working with GIS technologies and 10 as a Developer.
Experience in ESRI software (from Arcview 3.1 and Avenue language), including ArcGis Desktop 10.1, ArcGis Server and many other GIS software such as Geomedia, GRASS, QuantumGis and gvSIG.
Proficiency   in databases like MS SqlServer, MySql, PosgreSQL+Postgis.
Manager of most of the lastest GIS technologies:  Mapserver, Geoserver and Openlayers, VB VBA, dotNet, C#, Silverlight, Python (Arcpy library) and JavaScript.

Raquel Rivera Designer

Watching the evolution of the teams I worked with has been very rewarding, how we adapted to sector changes, which have been quite a few, and the agency’s sometimes to grow sometimes not, but always willing to invent because “we can for sure do something with what we’ve got”.
Now I work at The Company Be, a design and interactive communication study focused on the users, because progress is to move forwards without leaving anyone behind, otherwise it’s just technology.